I think we speak for the entire CHASM team [ as well as probably all our friends + family who have heard about this issue for the past year ] when we say we are beyond thrilled vol four is released.  A full year past our expected release date, The Passion Issue, has truly challenged our passion, perseverance, motivations, emotional strength and so much more.  Yet we can say with full confidence that even though it by far did not go as planned and even felt hopeless at times, it brought us so many new revelations [ vol three plug ] and taught us what true passion is.


You see, too often the idea of passion is reduced to a feeling, something that can be used as a synonym for excitement, hype or intensity. But we are in the midst of discovering that it is something much deeper, something much stronger. Passion is not a feeling at all; it’s what keeps you going when you don’t feel like continuing on. When people, circumstances and emotions tell you that it’s not worth it, passion gives you the perspective to see the bigger picture. As an editorial team attempting to finish this issue in less than ideal circumstances (aka separately in our homes because of London’s lockdown), we were confronted with the fact that we cannot allow circumstances to determine if our passion remains consistent or not. In fact, maybe it's the resistance from the difficult times that reveals what authentic passion actually is and why it’s worth fighting for regardless of the highs and lows of life.


So our hope is that as you flip through the pages of 'The Passion Issue'  you can find new passions, re-ignite old ones, find encouragement for the ones you’re fighting for now and overall know that every passion has a process that can be cultivated and consistent if we're willing to put in the work.  After all, we were not made to live dull lives that just ride the flow of our circumstances. We were made to live lives full of passion with our hearts on fire - fully alive.



Courtney + Carrissa 

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