Hello there, we’d like to formally welcome you to Chasm Magazine!

Here at Chasm we seek to live lives full of creativity, but not just by means of inspiration; we are firm believers that inspiration must be followed by action. If not, isn’t it just an idea?


Take these pages, for example. We had these hopes for a magazine in our heads for years, yet it was when we actually planted ourselves in a café this summer and shared our first Google Doc that this crazy dream became tangible…


...And what a perfect segue to introduce you to the theme of our first issue, aptly entitled “ The Vision Issue”. It takes a lot of vision to start something from nothing, be it a magazine, small business or heck, even a dinner that isn’t a Tesco meal deal.


In this issue we’ve highlighted the different interpretations of the word “vision”, from dreams, to sight, to purpose. We interview the founder of a TIH Models, an agency that signs those affected by homelessness to its roster; a group of international writers pen poems and pieces confronting us with what living life with intention looks like; we sit down with a fashion designer who walks us through her design process. All of this plus so much more lies in the pages to follow.


Visionary people are all around us. And if you’re reading this, that means that you are one of them. Our hope for this issue is that it will ignite your dreams and open up your eyes to all of the creativity around - and within - you.



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