letter from your editors

As a publication, we are in a season of gaining momentum. Since the release of the first volume of CHASM, The Vision Issue, we have been dreaming and creating what you see in the pages before you. The past year has been a journey, to say the least, and we feel like we have been finding our footing. But now it’s time to start moving. 


By definition, movement can mean a change of place, position or posture. Whether it’s the body, a location or even a mindset, in this issue we explore motion in many of its forms. There’s both a practical and an intangible aspect of the term in how it applies to us; we may physically move like dancer Gabby Leutzinger [pg. ] or we may be wrestling with emotionally moving on and healing [pg. ]. We even consider what it’s like to stand still in a society that never slows down [pg. ] and how political movements have shaped our country [pg. ].


At different points in our lives we may move differently, maybe at one point propelling closer to our goals and at another slowly drifting from ourselves. However you’re moving during this time, be encouraged - nothing static ever grows. So regardless of where you are, know we’re all learning to move together.  




Courtney and Carrissa