Look Good, Do Good: Recognised Jewellery

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

By Courtney Mills, CHASM Editor

Amongst an array of fresh blooms and the clinking of glasses of fizz, Recognised’s debut line hangs proudly at the brand’s official launch party.

The jewellery line, founded by husband and wife duo Joel and Anneka, is a new startup that does more than make sleek and minimalist bangles - it also does good.

The idea began from a dream and caught traction from Anneka and Joel’s desire to radically transform the way people support causes by simultaneously looking good and doing good. The collection released consists of bangles in three different metal options and Statement Popons™, small charms that attach to the bracelet that signify the cause they support. The Popon™ currently available is a dove supporting charitable causes that deal with anxiety and depression.

They base Recognise around the idea of “co-fashion”, or connected fashion: when you buy it you feel good, but when you wear it, others feel better.

“If you know someone that deals with depression and they sit down on the bus and they see a Popon™, they know what it means, what it is, and they don’t feel alone. They feel recognised,” Anneka explains at the launch.

With new Popons™, necklaces, earrings and men’s collection coming in the next year, Recognised is poised to step into their namesake in 2019 as they gain more attention. Keep an eye out next time you’re on the tube - you just might find yourself recognised.

To order your own bangle, visit their website:

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