The thing stopping you from seeing the world is probably you.

By Aimee McGaffee, CHASM Intern 

Photography by Deborah Stevenson

We frequently hear the phrase "I want to travel around the world" or "I wish I could travel around the world" or "Someday I will travel around the world.". When those phrases come up, they are not just phrases; they are complaints and excuses. What are you waiting for? Don't get me wrong; I use to say the same thing. I always wanted to go, but I didn't know how. Or at least that's what I thought. 

Have you ever just went to the store and just brought your necessities; like wallet, keys, and phone and maybe, if you are super organized, you would bring a list for what you have to buy. It's just part of your day, and you make time to go and pick up whatever you need.

What if I told you that traveling is the same? Instead of food for your body, you need adventure for your soul. Sometimes you need to get up and go. Yeah, plan it out a bit, but don't hesitate; because reality is you are probably waiting for something or someone to give you a ticket. Have you ever thought that maybe you are waiting for yourself to provide that ticket? The world has so many sites and people that we see in pictures and in the media that we get caught up in portraying it as untouchable. 

I was the same way, I was afraid to go, but I faced my biggest fear of traveling and I did it. And you know what? I love it, I love to travel. It's just a doubt that we build up in our minds, but once we go and do it, it's so much fun. Take that one small step out your door and soar.   

Get out there and test your boundaries, go and see what the world has for you. You never know, maybe you will feel like you have lived more life in a week than in a year.

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