There seems to be so much emphasis on the highlight reel of our lives, our accumulation of years reduced to moments deemed important by someone else’s standards. Our stories become a list of job promotions and changes, weddings and births, moves across city lines and trips abroad. These are all the moments we post on our Instagram grids for others to double tap, but then our accounts lay dormant for weeks at a time because nothing else noteworthy has happened - just the regular grind.


But what if those moments, the ones labelled as insignificant, are the moments where the revelation lies?


Our lives are wholly valuable - not just selected portions. If we’re only waiting around for the milestones, we’ll miss all of the opportunities in between. Instead, let’s resolve to be intentional in every moment - the morning coffee run, the rush hour commute, the walks to the corner store with a friend, the family dinners. Let’s resolve to choose to look at every minute of our day through eyes of wonder, fiercely believing that in the unexpected, we just might find the revelation that will change our lives.


So here’s a few of our little moments from 

creating volume three.

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2019-07-04 13_22_26.802
2019-06-30 16_14_37.685
2019-07-04 22_19_33.025
2019-06-14 12_38_31.030
2019-05-24 15
2019-07-04 20_53_16.641
2019-04-16 12_59_12.219
2019-07-02 15_49_21.464
2019-06-13 14
2019-07-05 10_28_30.630
2019-06-13 18_04_59.674
2019-06-27 13_37_59.400
2019-05-01 11_53_52.704
2019-06-21 13_42_54.198
2019-06-22 21_24_45.642
2019-06-30 14_20_08.616
2019-06-13 19_10_13.072
2018-03-10 23_01_14.065
2019-04-25 13_32_47.234